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Стол руководителя 2,2 х 2,9 х 0,765Н (комплект КС 180, КСК, КСБ, КТП)
Стол руководителя 2,2 х 2,9 х 0,765Н (комплект КС 180, КСК, КСБ, КТП)
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Mattress selection

Manual transmission, storage and maintenance of the mattress.

For transportation, storage and use of mattresses should be in a horizontal position on a flat solid surface. Use qualitative basis under a mattress. Do not put under the mattress extra items.
Whatever damage the box spring and mattress coverings are strictly forbidden to bend, twist or fold the mattress.
Do not apply orthopedic mattress in bed, in which the size of the bed is less than the size of the mattress.
Do not place the mattress:

on the basis of pantsernoyi flexible grid;

on the basis of the bar, without Paillasses;

on the basis of the slats, the distance between them exceeds:

80 mm - mattress box springs Bonel (dependent spring);

65 mm - mattress box springs PocketSpring (independent spring);

on the basis of the bed that has a custom design;

on the basis of dual bed designs, a central pillar of which (over 10 mm) above the surface of the base of the bed.

Turn the mattress once a month or seasonally. This is a necessary condition for restoring spring box and filling in the mattress.

Avoid jumping on the mattress.

Operate your mattress in a dry ventilated area. Do not allow chemicals and other liquids.

Spend dry cleaning using the vacuum cleaner. Water-soluble stains can be removed by using cleaning upholstery or soapy water.

Drying by airing the mattress do not use iron.

The total lifetime of the mattress depends on the recommended loading berth for this model. When buying a mattress make sure that your weight does not exceed the permissible load on the mattress. This information will give you a sales advisor Le Corsaire.