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Стол руководителя 2,2 х 2,9 х 0,765Н (комплект КС 180, КСК, КСБ, КТП)
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Buy a sofa

How to choose and buy a sofa of your dreams.

Everyone settles his dwelling Favorite Sofa - sofa of your dreams based on personal tastes and preferences. I find two identical, and there are the same even find two apartments similar unrealistic. However, there is one piece of furniture that is present in each apartment, house, cottage or even on the trendy suburban villa. In it usadzhuyut dear guests, it ceased using it for comfortable viewing TV or read books on it only makes ...

You're right, this sofa!

 Sofa - an essential attribute of the living room or rest room in any apartment or house. According to statistics, Sofa buy every 5-10 years (largely dependent on the quality purchased the sofa). So - a considerable period of time during which you'll see your bed every day. Therefore, the choice to purchase the sofa should be taken with great care.

Before to search the sofa of your dreams, pay attention to the room in which it will be the place it should occupy it as you use most often bed (sleep every day, the guest option as a decorative element). This will be the purpose of the sofa. In other words, if you choose a sofa in the living room, and it serves as a decorative element, there is no need to overpay for models that decompose into a full bed. Conversely, if you are looking for a sofa for daily sleep should pay special attention to the mechanism of transformation and filling the sofa bed. As a permanent sleep on an uncomfortable sleeping place can adversely affect your health. Be careful in choosing the sofa.

One important aspect when choosing a sofa. The range of possible dimensions of sofas from manufacturers is quite wide, so the choice you have to make themselves, relying on the intricacies of placing the sofa in your room. If the sofa, ask dimensions of the sofa folded and unfolded, it will help avoid misunderstandings (probably a sofa in the unfolded state does not fit into your favorite place in the room). If your living space is not much space happy note assembly options sofas. These are beds, which consist of ottoman and cushions (sofa Block), you can build to your liking given space.

Sofas impressive diversity today


Frame sofa

The basis of any sofa - it is his frame, that is the part which holds everything else, including those who settled on it. Frame a sofa made of wood (wooden beams), particle board (plywood), or a combination of DSP + wooden bar. In appearance to know what made the sofa frame is almost impossible, since it is the product, so you have to believe furniture manufacturers. However, there are several ways to shed light on the unknown:

    price couch if it is high enough, it can be assumed that the frame is made of wooden beams.
    average price couch talking about the combined frame with wooden beams and chipboard or chipboard.
Filling sofa

On the sofa frame figured out now move on to filling the couch. Basically as fillers in the sofa using different combinations of spring block (Bonnel, spring snake) slats and foam (PUF). In the more expensive sofas used springs and combinations thereof (eg spring block Bonnel spring snake +). A sofa springs also use additional layers of foam and termovoyloka. These beds are longer and a better comfort.

The mechanism of transformation (layout)

Currently, there are many mechanisms of transformation of sofas in bed, but there are several basic types:

vykotnyy (retractable)



classic sofa


Tip: pay attention to the quality of the details of the mechanism.

More information about the advantages and disadvantages of mechanisms of transformation, read: Mechanisms layout sofas.
Upholstery sofa

The range of upholstery fabrics for sofa big enough, they can be divided into the following types:
    suede and Mikrovelyur
    leather and imitation leather

Note that your chosen fabric for sofas affects its price, for convenience tissue divided into price categories.